Saturday, June 4, 2011

A New Adoption

You know me and old Duofolds. Well, maybe you don't, but you're about to learn.

I like 'em.

So I bought another one. This one's a little different from your average Duo.

(all photos are clickable, as always)

I picked this Junior-size Duo up off of the Bay the other day. It's an interesting pen, even beyond the candy company name on it - three bands on the cap, which seems a bit unusual for a Junior; it's really dirty and the nib was full of dried blue-black ink (as is the cap), but other than one hairline crack on the cap that I'm not even convinced goes all the way through it seems to be in good shape.

And then there's this:

I found a NOS Duo set for sale with nearly an identical tag on it; I'm convinced this is the original price tag - though why there should be a price tag on a pen that has a company name engraved on it, and was clearly used, I don't know.

So now I have a dilemma: do I leave the tag on, or remove it? If I remove it, do I try to save it?

The pen is not in working order; needs a new sac at the very least, and given (a) my previously stated ineptitude and inexperience in restoration and (b) the reputed brittleness of yellow Duofolds, I am going to send it off for restoration fairly soon. Stay tuned for more!

Oh, and here's a current family portrait of the Little Old Men Duofolds:

More photos of the new pen can be found here.