Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Sunday Post: July 14, 2013

So. I quit my job.

My last day of employment will be August 9.

I won't bore you with the details of why and wherefore; suffice it to say: it's time. And we'll be just fine without it.

I have been actively working on the exit plan for some months now - well, actually, for years, but the time frame I'd had in mind was still a few years into the future. Events in the past few months caused me to work on accelerating that date. As I've been working toward it, I can already feel the layers of stress starting to peel off rather like the skin on an onion - it'll be interesting to see what's left as that process continues.

What does it mean for you, my readers? (If any of you are left?)

I still have ideas up my sleeve, still have some things to say. And now perhaps I'll actually have the time to say those things and play with those ideas. It's been months since I've posted anything, and even more time since I posted anything of substance.

Oh, and there will be a giveaway when I'm ready to relaunch, too!

For those of you who've hung in there with me, even if all you did was not delete me from your feed reader, I thank you. For the newer readers, welcome aboard! I'm looking forward to getting acquainted with everyone, and reacquainted with those whose company I've missed over the last several months.

Happy Sunday!