Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Marx Bros Clean A Fountain Pen

Or, how not to flush a nib.

Don't try this at home.

So, this morning I'm rushing around trying to pick up a few things before I get ready to go to work. I fed the parrot and was putting his dirty bowls in the dishwasher, when I spied a glass on the countertop that had about an inch of water in it. I could tell that Joe had been cleaning pens yesterday, and I thought to myself, "RatzlFratzl! that guy left a glass with an inch of water on the counter when he finished!" and picked it up and dumped it in the sink preparatory to putting the glass in the dishwasher Where Dirty Dishes Belong.

And heard a little rattly-tink as the water went down the disposal. Along with a fountain pen nib unit.

Says I, "Oh no! I just dumped a nib down the disposal!"

Says Joe, "Don't worry, I'll get it. You go get ready for work."

And then he proceeds to...hit the switch...for the disposal. Instead of the light switch right next to it.

Thereby destroying for all time an Esterbrook 1551 nib unit. We think he managed to fish out all the pieces. The disposal seems okay; it's a restaurant grade and reportedly can handle anything up to chicken bones, but I've never pushed it that hard; I don't have the courage.

So, if anyone has a nice 1551 unit they'd like to sell, we're in the market for one.

It is a full moon today, by the way. Be careful out there, friends.