Thursday, December 23, 2010

The power of the pen

One of the tasks I have just completed is writing personal notes to each of my staff to put in their Christmas cards. I wanted to take a moment to personally acknowledge some particular contribution they made, and thank them for their help. I like being able to share thoughts in this manner with those I care about, and the few times I've received such a note have been very special to me. I keep them all.

And, though the recipients of the notes may not put any stock in it, they are of course made more wonderful by the use of a Rhodia Dot Pad no 16, Noodler's Black Swan in Australian Roses, and a lovely blue Esterbrook J with a 9788 flex nib. My writing doesn't really do the nib justice, but it still looks cooler than without the flex - almost like I'd written with a stub.

I wish I had time to do something similar in all the Christmas cards we send. The number of these have dwindled from a high of about 125 to closer to 70, but that's still a lot to write a personal note in each. I'm afraid we long ago succumbed to including a Christmas newsletter - which seems to be the lesser of two evils; it's slightly better than providing no news at all.

I wonder what others do to share family news at Christmas?

Stay tuned...

A friend gave me a marvelous pen for Christmas (yes, I already opened the gift!), and I'll do an inaugural pen review on the blog shortly. (With tongue firmly implanted in'll see what I mean soon!)

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