Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Sunday Post: March 6, 2011

49 Bottles of Ink in the drawer,
49 bottles of ink
If one of the bottles should happen to fall...

I've had this little variant of the classic 99 Bottles of Beer running through my head all day. We finally sat down this morning and made an inventory of all the bottled ink in the house.

There are 49 bottles. Somehow, that seems like more than a lifetime supply.

Blues weigh most heavily in the collection, at twelve. Odd, since I don't much like blue ink. Joe does, though, and until recent months he's been the one buying most of the ink.

Blue is followed by red (8), green (7), and purple (6 - and here shows my influence!).

Am I tempted to buy more? Oh, not a doubt of it. But somehow I feel compelled to use up a bit of those 49 bottles already stashed away in the old oak secretary in the bedroom. Sooner or later it'll fill up and then where will we put it all?

Besides, how much is enough?

Ask me after the next bottle. Ink, not beer.

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