Friday, December 16, 2011

My Favorite Inks: DeAtramentis Sherlock Holmes

Today marks the US release of the latest Sherlock Holmes movie starring Robert Downey, Jr. (I mention this on the off chance that you are not a Robert Downey Jr. fan. If you are unfamiliar with his work, start with Chaplin. Amazing. I think you'll be a convert.)

I thought I'd spotlight the DeAtramentis Sherlock Holmes today in honor of the film release. Plus, it's a really fun ink. (Though advance reviews of the movie aren't quite as admiring, I'm sorry to see.)

Until fairly recently, DeAtramentis ink was a bit difficult to come by in the United States. It's made by Tintenmanufaktur JANSEN in Germany, and was in very limited distribution in the US. Rumor has it that it's a relatively small operation; their website is about half in English and half in German. I see that Goulet Pens has started to carry some of the line, and I'm grateful for that, as based on my experience with this ink I think I will definitely need more! I hope they will be able to get some of the more esoteric sets, for example, those categorized under "Magic Boarding School" on the DeAtramentis website.

Why Sherlock, in particular? Well, the truth is, I was after the Mark Twain ink to go with Volume I of his autobiography last year as a gift for Christmas - only apparently everyone else had that bright idea a week or two before I did, because I couldn't get my hands on a bottle of the Mark Twain. Sherlock, alas, was a second choice. But it turned out to be a good one - see below.


  1. #!. I <3 Robert Downey Jr. and I'd watch him in just about anything--and not because I think he's sexy (which I do) but because I think he is an AMAZING (and sadly underrated) actor! I enjoyed the 1st Sherlock, and expect to like the second one!

    #2. I would love to get my hands on this ink! I did buy a bottle (total impulse buy!) of the Patchouli ink from DeAtramentis recently--it is a beautiful burgundy color--and smells FAB! (altho it's very strong, so if you don't really really love Patchouli--you've been warned)

    #3. Your ink reviews are excellent! All the pertinent stuff is there, including what it's good for and what it's not good for. I like these so much better than what I've been doing! I may *ahem* "borrow" some ideas...

    #4 One of my favorite things about your reviews is how you put where you wrote it! That's brilliant for later years (or the way I forget stuff, weeks ;o) )

    Thanks for the scan/review! Now I'll be trying to get a bottle of this!!

  2. Nice post. I too loved this movie.

    Downey Jr is a very interesting Sherlock Holmes.