Monday, October 22, 2012

In celebration of fountain pens: Fountain Pen Day

Many have lamented the apparent passing of the days of good penmanship. Alarmist comments abound that computers have even robbed us of the tactile experience of handwriting, replacing it with keyboard pounding or phone texting (or often in my case, the rather retro experience of dictating to Siri - "Dear Mr Jones Comma Next Paragraph" hearkens back to my early days as a professional, dictating correspondence into a tape recorder or a phone-in system. Yes, I am that old).

In all this flurry of worry, it's nice to see a ray of hope - the first annual Fountain Pen Day. I like the idea of celebrating the fountain pen and the experience of handwriting.

Besides, the nice folks behind FPD #1 are having a giveaway of one of the famous TMLee journals, which is reason enough to celebrate! I have one (and, no, I still have not been able to make myself write in it!) and they are works of art!

Why don't you drop by the FPD website and see about entering? And while you're at it, mark your calendar for November 2, the first annual Fountain Pen Day. I am resolved to use nothing but fountain pens all that day, which may astound and annoy my coworkers...they'll just have to cope.

And I may have to buy another fountain pen to celebrate. Hmm.


  1. Hey, I'm still hoping one day you'll be writing a blog post about that journal. Whatever you end up writing in it will be momentous, because you actually WROTE in it! :D

  2. Journals were invented for the fountain pen...write or draw :)

  3. I stubbornly refuse to use anything but a fountain pen at work, at home, everywhere! They all think I'm totally eccentric at work, but hey, they don't know the sublime feel of a well adjusted nib sliding gracefully across some fine writing paper...oooh now I'm just gonna have to go and write something :-)