Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I Didn't Need It - But Then I Did

Ed. note: Joe was so excited about his new journal, he hijacked the blog!

I didn't  have a use for it, but when I saw this journal offered for sale by GatzBcn on the Fountain Pen Network (note: must be a FPN member and logged in to view) I couldn't resist. After all, a handmade journal with Oxford blue leather, 90 gram French art paper, hand-tied signatures and a hubbed spine for $38? Really! Even the postage from Europe struck me as ridiculously reasonable.

MB 146 for scale

(click on photos to embiggen)
I’m a reader and a writer. I've been a lover of leather-bound books with gilt titles for over 50 years. I've been a journaler for as many. I've never had such a beautiful object to write my thoughts in.

When I received the exceedingly-well-packed parcel from Spain I also received 3 cards, a hand-written note, and a business card from Anna. 

I contacted Anna by PM and asked if she’d mind if I reviewed her product since I hadn't seen any other customers’ feedback on the forum. She said, “by all means, I’d like to know what you think of it.” (No commercial considerations, etc. though I thought that I’d let her know privately if I didn't like the journal and post a review if I did.)

This journal is very nice. I like everything about it. Oxford blue is a favorite color for me. I love hubbed spines. I like marbled paper (hand-done by Anna). The paper is French Chanson of 90 gram weight and does not bleed or show through and barely feathers (only to the extent that a cotton content “laid” paper would normally do so).

Lastly, possession led to purpose for me. I've had a private writing project in mind for several weeks. Owning this journal, I now have a place befitting the work I intend to do and the impetus to proceed – and isn't that what buying nifty paper is all about?

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