Friday, November 7, 2014

2014 FP Day Giveaway!

Welcome to Fountain Pen Day 2014! And, as I did last year, I am hosting a little giveaway to celebrate!

Five pens, five winners! Yeah, I'm just kinda nuts that way.

Here's the scoop:

Once again, I have five trusty Jinhao X750 pens to give away, one to each of five winners. Each of these pens was purchased new by me for this giveaway, and I have flushed, write-tested and cleaned each one to make sure it's good to go when it gets to you. These are medium nib pens.

(Click on photos to embiggen)

This year's colors are: gold, cream, brushed steel, black, and gold and black check. 

And just to make things more fun, I will throw in a random assortment of ink samples for you as well - so you'll have something to ink up your new acquisition! I'll draw a sample each from my Highly Scientific Sample Storage System (HSSSS...sounds ominous, doesn't it?), which consists of five Ziploc bags with inks vaguely sorted by color: Pink/Purple/Orange, Blues, Greens, Browns, and Reds. So, five samples to go with each pen.

As an added bonus, I have some super nice bookmarks donated by Cary from the Fountain Pen Day website  - the place where it all started. Each winner will also get a bookmark in a random color chosen by me. 'Cuz I know if you're not writing, you're reading, aren't you? 

Sounds like a deal, doesn't it? 

Some of you may wonder why I do this. I'm not a retailer, so I don't have any financial interest in this. As of this writing at least, I don't have any sponsors, and I don't host ads on the blog. I have a bit of a following, but I don't think I'm really one of the major bloggers. This is just one small way I can share the fun with others, and hopefully pay it forward a bit. 

I have found the Jinhao X750 to be a sturdy, well-made, respectable writer. This is the third time I've done a giveaway with Jinhaos, and they have been well-received. Here is a link to a Terrible Video Review (you'll note it's the only video review I've ever done!) made at the time I first gave one away. In combination with the ink samples, this could be a nice little gift for someone - the holidays are coming up, after all. Or just keep it for yourself! 

And I finally got smart and bought an extra one for myself! (Hope you didn't want red, 'cuz it's staying here!)

Contest details:

One entry per person please.

PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM - COMMENTS on this blog post WILL NOT COUNT AS AN ENTRY! Sorry to shout, but I'm hoping it'll make that more visible!

Please indicate whether you have a pen color preference - I will do my best to accommodate preferences for the winners, but no guarantees - I only have one of each color.

Entries will be accepted through November 17, 2014 at 9 pm Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8). Each entry will be given a number in order of entry, and a random selection will be made for the five winners - numbers in a hat if there are a few, random number generator if I get a bunch. Winners will be notified promptly by email, and a list of first names published on the blog as well.

Good luck, and thanks for playing!


  1. Great giveaway... Thanks for putting it up.

  2. Someone sent a message asking if these have #6 nibs - yes, I believe so.

  3. I think this is a terrific giveaway. If I did win I feel compelled to continue the generosity and gift it.

    BTW I know this is not an entry, but I wanted to say that publicly.

    ABTW I said I like the cream but if I win and someone else wants the cream my second choice would be the black.

    Thanks again!

  4. Thank you for a great giveaway!