Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Sunday Post: January 16, 2011

Nature Walk in the Back Yard

The weather forecast for the day was for rain and 40+ mph winds. Neither of which are happening at the moment. In fact, I've seen a stray sunbeam or two out there.

I bought myself a present this week: a new dSLR camera, a Nikon D3100. You may have noticed a - ahem, slight improvement in, for example, the photos for the Dani review as opposed to the Barrel of Monkeys review photos, which were done with a point n shoot. The new Nikon arrived on Thursday, and I've taken about 350 shots with it already.

Since there was a lull in the action, weather-wise, I went out into the back yard to see what I could do.

For your Sunday enjoyment, here is Winter into Spring: A Walk Through the Back Yard.

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