Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Sunday Post: January 30, 2011

March 13, 2011.

Get out your calendar and put a nice, big red star on that date. Preferably in Diamine Red Dragon or J. Herbin 1670; this is truly a momentous date.

Why? It's the beginning of daylight savings time in the United States, of course. The unofficial end of winter.

Winter. I think most everyone in the Northern Hemisphere, and for certain in the US, is already sick of it.

I sure am.

Excuse me while I go find my calendar. There's some 1670 in a Taccia I need to make use of.


  1. I am usually sick of winter by the first or second day of snow. Fun to look at, awful to drive in (especially due to other motorists), and I am not a cold weather person. Wish it could be summer year-round.

  2. No kidding! The older I get, the more I understand people who do the snowbird thing. I used to say I'd never do it; now I wonder...