Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Sunday Post: January 23, 2011

The Quest Continues...

We continue to roam the area, looking for the ultimate coffee shop. Of course, the search is half the fun, so in a way I hope we never find it.

Last week we checked out a doughnut shop in the area that we'd never been to before. Turns out they only serve drip, and don't have much of a seating area. But. The Doughnuts. Oh my!

Artisan doughnuts - a concept that never occurred to me before. We bought way too many, and consumed them way too fast. Highlights included The Pink Lady - a chocolate doughnut with pink strawberry buttercream frosting; not too sweet and surprisingly sophisticated. I was also very happy with a Bourbon Caramel Pecan doughnut. Joe had (among other things) the Smokey Bacon Maple Bar, and gave me a bite; I have to say I wasn't that impressed, though they told us it's one of their top sellers. It's a lovely maple bar, with a generous amount of bacon sprinkled on top of the maple glaze. Um, what?

And I took a number of photos - and then promptly deleted them. By accident. I swear. I didn't mean to make it so we'd have to get more some time...

At any rate, we ended up coming home with a box of doughnuts, making our own coffee, and sitting contentedly by the fireplace as we loaded up on caffeine and sugar. If you live in the area, be sure to check out Frost Doughnuts.

Today I think we'll work our way further into Seattle proper and see what we can find.

Looking forward, I just got a vintage Parker True Blue ringtop and I think I'll do a photo shoot of the various Parkers I have, along with a review. Stay tuned for fun!

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