Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Sunday Post: February 13, 2011

The Critter Highway

Our house appears to be in the middle of the Critter Highway. There is so much traffic that there's practically a path worn through the yard.

Midway along our back fence there is a divot, a depression dug out in the earth. This is the portal to and from the pasture behind us. I've seen that "gateway" used by possums, raccoons, squirrels, cats...all sorts of creatures. And, unless they're stopping to nosh at the bird feeder or the squirrel feeder, or get water out of the fountain (or a convenient puddle - this is Seattle after all!) they invariably come through the divot and around the west side of the house. It might as well be a marked highway. Honestly.

I was told that, for years before the house was built, there was a den of coyotes about where my family room now is. You'd think that would discourage other foot traffic through the area, but there it is. (The coyotes moved north; I can still hear them.)

More than once over the years we've filled the divot in with dirt. It's no use; it just gets dug out again. In precisely the same place. Just to the left of the Japanese maple tree as you face south. We've finally given up and let them have their way.

The Critter Highway Underpass

I'm not quite sure why we've been favored with this, but it makes for some fun and interesting viewing. The other day I looked out the window, and saw a juvenile red-tailed hawk sitting on the fence post not twenty feet away looking back at me. He flew off before I had a chance to grab a camera. (He'd positioned himself halfway between the bird feeder and the squirrel feeder, and just above the divot - equal opportunity hunting, apparently.)

Enjoy your Sunday; I'll be enjoying mine watching the traffic go through the yard...

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